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Mentha Citrata Oil

Product Name:
Mentha Citrata Oil
Botanical name:
Mentha Citrata
Description & extraction:
Mentha Citrata Essential Oil is also called Bergamot Mint not to be confused with Bergamot Orange, but both oils have high levels of linalool and linalool acetate with citrus notes. Menta Citrata is primarily used as perfume oil. In the garden it has a much stronger orange-lemon scent and the linalool acetate is formed during distillation. There is some confusion over the parents of this mint. Some botanists believe that it is a separate species while others feel it is a variety of M. aquatica. I believe the variety M. aquatica is lemon mint and the Mentha Citrata here is a variety of M. piperita. The difference in the two plants is visible, as the lemon mint is very green whereas the Mentha Citrata is tinged purple.

Chemical Components:
Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Terpenes.

Fluid liquid

Yellow to Pale Yellow colour

Typical odour of Eugenol

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