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Ginger Grass Oil

Product Name:
Ginger Grass Oil
Botanical Name:
Cymbopogon martinii var. sofia
Description & extraction:
Therapeutically considered one of the more important of the Cymbopogon species, gingergrass is used in many herbal Ayurvedic preparations. As an essential oil, its warm, spicy, and herbal qualities can be directly inhaled (palm or steam) to support sinus and head circulation, easing heaviness.
One of its most important uses is for massage, where its significant circulation supporting qualities are used to strengthen and soothe joint and muscle well-being. Gingergrass, with its spicy and unique aroma, can be an excellent addition to your essential oil blends for massage or body oils.
Like palmarosa, gingergrass essential oil possesses both soothing and uplifting properties. Considered an oil that promotes sensual moods, it can also enhance mental energy and alertness, while easing tension from daily stress.
Chemical Components:
100% Pure Gingergrass Essential Oil
Fluid liquid
Pale yellow to light brown
Warm, Spicy, Pungent and typical odour of Thyme

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