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Walnut Oil

Product Name:
Walnut Oil
Botanical name:
Juglans Regia
Description & extraction:
Pardon the pun, but we really do think this is an oil to go nuts over. Its mild flavor complements everything from delicate sole with fresh herbs to medallions of pork with cherry chutney. We expeller press the nuts and refine the oil to create a medium high heat cooking oil with 1,900 mg of Omega-3 per servings.+ +Contains 1,900 mg Omega-3 ALA per serving which is 119% of the Daily Value for ALA (163 g). * See Nutritional Information for Total Fat and Saturated Fat Content
Chemical Components:
Erucic- 16.3% Gadoleic- 69.3% Oleic- 10.1%
Toxicological Properties:
It is easy to understand why Walnut oil is an all-time favorite to use as a carrier oil, as well as added to skincare preparations, since it penetrates the skin easily and is suitable for all skin types. It is Golden to brownish yellow liquid wax with characteristic neutral odor
Fluid liquid
Yellow Clear colour at 25oC
Typical odour of Walnut

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