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Jojoba Oil

Product Name:
Jojoba Oil
Botanical name:
Citrus Bergamia
Description & extraction:
In reality jojoba oil is not an oil but a liquid wax, and is pronounced "ho-ho-ba" and became important in the 1970s when whaling was banned, since it has almost the same properties as the oil obtained from the sperm whale. If a good nourishing ingredient is needed for hair care, jojoba oil is also sometimes added to commercial hair care products, but due to the cost of jojoba oil, the quantities so included are low. Jojoba oil is obtained by cold pressing of seeds.
Chemical Components:
Erucic- 16.3% Gadoleic- 69.3% Oleic- 10.1%
Toxicological Properties:
It is easy to understand why jojoba oil is an all-time favorite to use as a carrier oil, as well as added to skincare preparations, since it penetrates the skin easily and is suitable for all skin types. It is Golden to brownish yellow liquid wax with characteristic neutral odor
Fluid liquid
Yellow Clear colour at 25oC
Typical odour of Jojoba

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